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We provide SaaS & PaaS as a cloud service resource.

When we, at Dryft Dynamics talk about moving your business to the cloud we give your business a strategic edge over your competitors. By achieving economies of scale, you increase volume output and productivity with fewer people. That leads to the cost per unit, project, or product plummets. We help you reduce your spending on technology infrastructure and maintain easy access to information with minimal upfront spending. Our cloud and cloud-based services globalize your workforce on the cheap and streamline your business processes. With reduced capital costs and improved accessibility. You monitor your projects more effectively. Cloud computing gives you remote access to computing, storage, and networking resources within your data canter or through a public cloud service provider. When it comes to deployment, Dryft Dynamics technologies deliver reliable, scalable, workload-optimized performance across enterprise applications. though it is CRM, POS, or other applications to catalyse your business prospects.

Our process


Client meeting

Client meetings are held to obtain stakeholder requirements & to get the development team in sync with the client's requirements & specifications.



The development team develops SRS along with the stakeholder requirements along with the finance team that develops the quotation meeting the client budget.



After SRS & Quotation is approved the Project is initialized & shall be delivered within the approved specified period mentioned in the quotation.

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What do you receive?

Apart from the software itself, one receives numerous features and support. A commercial product that comes with support will often win over customers who want that assurance that someone will be on the other end of the line should they need it. To fulfill such needs we have a dedicated team that offers 24x7 technical support.


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