Cyber Security

Simplify Security Management

Minimize security risks, protect critical information.

In the effort to fight security breaches, Dryft Dynamics takes a comprehensive approach to counter threat vectors, taking into account all the four pillars of the security architecture – network, application, endpoint and data – and offer 360 degree security coverage. This model is built to address next generation threats that traditional security products fail to provide and secures assets, users and data. We bring to the table the best of both worlds – technology and people. It has built a security portfolio that is meant for advanced threat actors and leverages next generation technologies. We offer advanced SOC capabilities: prevention & detection, incident response, security orchestration and reporting along with the option to choose between on-premise solutions and platform based offerings

Our process


Client meeting

Client meeting are held to obtain stakeholder requirements & to get the development team in-sync with the client requirements & specifications.



Development team develops SRS along the stakeholder requirements along with the finance team that develops the quotation meeting the client budget.



After SRS & Quotation is approved the Project is initialised & shall be delivered within the approved specified period mentioned in the quotation.

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What you receive ?

Apart fom the software itself one receives numerous features and support. A commercial product that comes with support will often win over customers who want that assurance that someone will be on the other end of the line should they need it. To fullfill such needs we have a dedicated team that offers 24x7 technocal support.


Officially certified


Maximum secuirity

Top technology

Built from scratch


Monthly updates

24x7 support

Dedicated support

Value for money

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